Online JavaScript Minifier/Compressor

A simple and elegent solution to minify/compress javascript online to make it more optimized and efficient which improves website load time.


Understanding JavaScript Minifier


What is a JavaScript Minification?

Minification, also known as minimization, is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from JavaScript source code without changing its functionality. Minification makes text files smaller, which is especially useful for websites with a lot of code that needs to be downloaded, as it can significantly reduce page load time. While there are many tools to minify CSS and HTML code, it is sometimes unclear if they work on JavaScript. The following options will help you minimize your JavaScript files quickly and easily.

Minification is the practice of removing unnecessary or redundant information from computer files.

Minification is commonly used to reduce the size of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for maximum website load speed and faster page rendering.

Javascript files can be minified and compressed with a variety of tools and it is recommended that web developers use this method to increase page speed and better serve the content to their visitors.

The tool automatically parses all JavaScript files, locates variables, variables names, function names, function parameters, comments, whitespace characters, short variable names, single line statements, unnecessary braces ({}) used to group several statements into one. All found variables are substituted into shorter forms.