null coalescing operator csharp

Code Example - null coalescing operator csharp

                        //the null coalescing operator for c# is ??
int? x = null;
int y = 9;
return x ?? y; 
//Will return the value of x if x is not null else return y

csharp null conditional

                                //Return stirng representation of nullable DateTime
DateTime? x = null;
return x.HasValue == true ? x.Value.ToString() : "No Date";

csharp null accessor

                                int? length = people?.Length; // null if people is null

null check syntax csharp

                                //Check if an object is null before calling a function using the ? operator.
//The ? operator is syntactic suger for the if block below:

//Using the ? operator

//Using an if block.
if (myObject != null)

csharp null check

                                if (name is null)
    throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(name));

csharp assign if null

                                Person p;
p = p ?? new Person();

Null check operator used on a null value

                                if(str != null){
    len = str!.length;
    len = 0; //return value if str is null